Roxanne L.

“Thank you Alicia Paley! We LOVE everything about our kitchen remodel! The open design is extremely functional, the colors lend a clean and earthy appearance, and the backsplash tiles represent our personalities to a tee! For those who are curious about her, she makes design decision-making easy. You tell her what interests you and what you envision, and she will know how to make your thoughts come alive. She is extremely knowledgable, professional and well connected. Alicia’s connections are top notch from general contractors to sub-contractors to vendors for fabric, appliances, tiles, etc… She is quite the researcher providing us with 3-5 different options with different price points while matching the envisioned designs. If there is discussion about what to do, Alicia knows how to make sense out of any concern that arises and help finds resolve. She is very well organized and always prepared! We highly recommend using Alicia Paley Home Interiors!”