Michelle F.

“After spending a lot of money on paint samples and getting frustrated, I hired Alicia Paley for a color consultation to give me ideas on what exterior paint colors suited the style of my home. When she arrived to our consultation, I was very pleased that she already had done her research online and knew the style of my house before we even met.  She also drove around my neighborhood trying to get a feel for the other properties around me.  Alicia was very knowledgeable about colors and interior/exterior design. I found her to be very professional. After talking with me, and looking over my property, she carefully reviewed color samples from many different brands, and presented me with a choice of three color palettes. I was very pleased with her selections. Alicia has also been so helpful even after our consultation by allowing me to ask her some more color questions regarding my project.  I am very thankful that I found Alicia Paley and look forward to working with her again with future projects.”