Sofa Shopping? Buy Eco-Friendly!


Is it time to replace your saggy, lumpy, stained, outdated sofa?  Before you go out shopping all willy-nilly, consider buying an eco-friendly sofa.  Why buy an eco-friendly sofa, you say?  According to a recent study conducted by Duke University and UC Berkeley, 85% of couches contain toxic and/or untested flame retardant and other chemicals.  These materials are known to cause global warming, respiratory problems, breast cancer, and even leukemia over extended periods of time. This means that the biggest piece of upholstered furniture in your home releases toxic chemicals into your indoor air, every day.  As if that weren’t bad enough, the furniture industry is devastating the world’s forests with their careless harvesting practices.  Eco-friendly sofas not only have no toxicity, but they also use materials that do not harm Mother Earth, such as natural fibers and responsibly forested woods.  Here are just a few companies  producing eco-friendly upholstered furniture in the USA, most of them, right here in Southern California.  


Cisco Brothers


Century Furniture

Green sofas
Green Sofa    

Natural linen slipcover, locally made.

You can also replace your current sofa with a previously owned one by visiting your local consignment shop, Craig’s List, thrift store, or antique shop.

There are so many styles and price points to choose from, that there is no reason not to shop eco-friendly.  To get help choosing the right sofa for you, click here.

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