My Favorite Secret Vendors

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I tag several of my posts with vendor sources. (And if you don’t already follow me, you should!)  I don’t keep secrets from my clients.  Clients are not hiring me for my top secret information, but rather for my expertise in designing spaces that are just for them.  Here is a photo of selections that were all approved by a client yesterday,  These items are from some of my favorite vendors.

Should I tell you why they’re my favorite?

Of course!

No secrets here!

The countertop materials shown above are all from Cambria.  They are all made of natural quartz and every one of their choices is a real beauty!  It’s a small company that’s family owed and made in the USA!  Not to mention this:

 At Cambria, managing and minimizing our impact on the environment in both our product offerings and our daily operations is an important part of our business. In a nutshell, we want our product to have a big impact on our customers, not our environment.

Cambria - Secret Vendor

My go-to wall tile vendor is Fireclay Tile.  They are made right here in California, and have an extensive line of recycled tile.  They too are a smaller company which means you get excellent attention to detail and customer service.  Best of all, all the tile is handmade and the companies commitment to sustainability is top-notch!

There’s only one earth, so we treat it that way. This means a ruthless examination of our materials and how we manufacture. We buy used, we repurpose, we take care of what we have, and we use recycled materials whenever possible. It’s not easy, but it’s the challenge that makes us all the more creative, innovative, and self-reliant.

Fireclay - secret

The wood-look ceramic flooring shown above is from Dal-Tile.  Although this is a much larger company than the other two I’ve mentioned, my favorite thing about them is their strong commitment to the environment.  

Due to our firm belief that design is intended to create better places to live and work, Daltile takes the necessary steps to help you pursue great designs that are both innovative and earth-friendly. To help make what we do as sustainable as possible, we are always looking at the processes and materials used to make our products. We are recycling, reusing and reducing solid materials and water used to manufacture our tile as well as accomplishing a remarkable level of energy conservation.

Dal-Tole Secret


These are only a few of my favorite secret sources.  When I specify products from these brands I am confident of their superior quality and feel good that my environmental values don’t have to be compromised.

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