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A recent trip to San Fransisco had me feeling a bit nostalgic for my childhood home town.  Although the beautiful “City by the Bay” is much more charming than the little “city on the Hudson” (and no, I don’t mean New York City) it still invoked many memories of walking up and down row-house lined streets.  As I passed each home, I wondered what they looked like inside.  Sometimes I got a glimpse of a piece of furniture set by the window or an interesting light fixture hanging from the ceiling.  But the thing I noticed in almost every apartment I caught a peek of, was the wall color.  White.  Many apartments, both in buildings and in row houses, are painted white.  The one I grew up in was no exception.  A white interior makes the space look clean and open.  White creates the illusion of spaciousness and can be quite beautiful in any home.  In fact, there is a current trend in white interiors.  Many home owners are choosing white to give their homes a clean, simple sophistication.  Done well, white can be quite beautiful.

The most important thing to consider when working with whites, is noting their undertones.  Whites can be warm or cool and their undertones can range across the color spectrum.  Whites must be chosen carefully to make sure they compliment your furnishings and give you the overall tone you desire.

These are just some of my favorites from the Sherwin-Williams line.  However, every paint brand has several whites to choose from.

Warm White PalletCool White Pallet

1 LR

Simple, elegant living room with gold accents.

2 Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen with bold black accents.

3 DiningSimple Scandinavian dining room with natural accents.

4 Bedroom

Understated bedroom with natural accents.

White can be beautiful in any style and budget.

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