LRA couple of years ago I received a call from someone who was very unhappy with her house.  She hated being in her home and disliked having any friends over.  At the initial consultation we discussed all the things that were great about the house, like the spectacular view, and all the things she hated about it.  I really listened to what she had to say and developed a design concept that she loved.  Over the span of two years, we redesigned the house, inside and out, to make it a home that she and her husband now love and are proud of.

I couldn’t be happier with the work Alicia has done on our house. She has completely transformed our dreary house into a home I can be proud of. My heart does a little happy dance every time I open the front door and walk into our beautiful home. She is a very talented designer who really listens and understands what is needed. She has impeccable taste and a talent for choosing the right color, shape, dimension, and style, and she has dramatically improved the beauty, livability, and functionality of our house. I highly recommend Alicia for any design project.  (Client Testimonial)

Being able to love your home is important.  Your environment greatly affects your emotions and well-being.  If you are constantly in a place that causes you unhappiness and stress, these feelings are going to affect every aspect of your life.  You may not live in your dream home, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to love the home you’re in.

When I come to your home during the initial consultation, I ask you all sorts of questions as we walk around your home.  I take detailed notes not only of the spaces you’re showing me, but of your interests, likes and dislikes as well.  This allows me to design a space for YOU.  A space that reflects YOUR personality and contains things YOU love.

Also know that your entire home does not need to be remodeled in order for you to feel good about it.  Here are five simple ideas you can implement today that will help you transform your house into a home you’ll love.


Paint. – Something as simple as changing the color of a room can make a huge impact.  Colors in our environment have a definitive effect on our moods and emotions.

Fix minor annoyances. – Set aside some time to repair a leaky faucet or oil creaky doors.  Little fixes like these are simple and quick, and by eliminating these daily irritations, you’ll have more time to notice the things that make you smile. 

Guest Bedroom

Make your bed every day. – I know I sound like your mom now, but really, this simple task starts you off on the right foot.  It’s a quick accomplishment that can set the tone for the rest of your day and makes your bedroom a more inviting space.

Purge. – Choose items to donate, repurpose or throw away. It’s easy for stuff to pile up but if you grab a bag and walk through your house it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find at least 10 things that you either don’t love or don’t use. Get these things out and only keep things that you love and make you happy.

Bathroom trayRearrange. – You can choose to rearrange a room, like your living room furniture or a small area like the items on your bathroom counter. Rearranging items in your home will make things seem fresh and new.

Loving your home is not about making it look like the pages in a magazine, it’s about creating an environment that says who you are.  Your home is the place you live and should be the place that you are the most comfortable and happy being in.  You deserve a home you love!


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