Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree PlantSo I’ve gone indoor plant happy lately.  My brain seems to have forgotten that I have no green thumbs and is telling me to keep adding lovely, lush green plants all around the house.  Once upon a time I lived in an apartment with a large sunny window where it was nearly impossible to kill plants.  They got all the sun they needed and I didn’t forget to water them since it was the only window in the main living area and I saw it every day.  Now my house has windows in all the wrong places, (Is that even possible?!) and puny little anemic or dead plants in several rooms, but I just love nature and having plants indoors so I’ve decided to renew my efforts.  I’ve repotted and freshened up some of the old plants and replaced others that were too far gone.  I think all this enthusiasm was sparked by an orchid plant that I purchased a few months ago that still has beautiful white flowers on it!  It’s the longest I’ve ever had an orchid in bloom.  I found a place for it in my living room that seems to get enough filtered light and I make sure to water it every Monday.  This small little success has made me so happy!  Another fairly new addition to my plant collection is a terrarium that I made last year which is thriving on my dining room table.  It’s like a living sculpture.  I just love that these plants are not only adding beauty to my home, but also filtering the air.  Plants are wonderful, living things that give you beauty and provide a healthy indoor environment.  Here’s a look at the plants in my house.

Variegated leaf plant

I’ve had this one for 8 years, but recently moved it from my bedroom to a sunnier window in the living room.

Orchid plant

This Orchid has been in bloom for the last few months and has renewed my interest in house plants.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Terrarium with Umbrella plant and succulents.

This terrarium with Umbrella Plant and succulents has been enjoying the sun on my dining room table for about a year.

Variegated Philodendron plant

Newly added Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron looks sweet in a recycled can.

Philodendron Plant

This Philodendron is also 8 years old and has been enjoying life in my home office/guest room.

Golden Pothos plant.

This Golden Pothos is another of my 8 year olds.  She lives in my master bathroom.

Prayer Plant

Another new addition; Prayer Plant.  I just LOVE this plant.  The leaves look hand-painted.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

And, lastly, every designer’s current favorite, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig.  She, too is a new addition, and I’m really hoping she survives and grows big and strong.  I just love those gorgeous, large leaves!

 For more information on the best air filtering plants for your home, go here;  NASA list.

Note:  As healthy as these plants may be for improving air quality, always remember to keep them away from small children and pets.  Certain house plants can be toxic.

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