IMG_3119Hanukkah is a joyous holiday  celebrated with family and friends. When decorating for Hanukkah, incorporate traditional Jewish symbols throughout your home to create a meaningful, festive mood.


This entry features a collection of mini Hanukkah menorahs that have been collected over the years, and a jar full of blue and white lights.



The stair banisters are decorated with Hanukkah related ornaments and blue and white lights.

IMG_0475IMG_0498 A bowl full of dreidels sits on the coffee table in the living room inviting everyone to play with them, while still providing a splash of color and festive cheer.



The buffet in the dining room features several handmade art dreidels, a whimsical moose menorah and the menorahs that the family actually lights throughout the eight nights of Hanukkah.  

The key to meaningful Hanukkah decor is to display items in your home that are important to  you and show who you are.  For further inspiration, follow my Pinterest board.  

Happy Hanukkah!

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