Seed Samples

If you’ve been watching my Behind The Scenes videos on YouTube or Facebook, then you know that I recently went to pick up some seed glass samples for a client’s kitchen cabinets.  I brought back different opacities so the client could see the difference and decide on how clear or how obscured she wanted the glass to be.  It really all depended on whether she wanted to use the cabinets more for storage or display.

 (Watch the video on my YouTube Channel to see which one she chose!)

Glass front cabinets are a great way to embellish a kitchen.  They are both form and function, which in my opinion, is the best element of design. Every detail should both serve a purpose and be aesthetically pleasing.  That is the key to great design.

Here are some photos of kitchens where the glass cabinets take center stage.  Enjoy the inspiration!


 china cabinet

Full length glass cabinets

Curved grills

Traditional panes

Modern cabinets

Repurposed cabinets

Small Upper Cabinets

Euro Cabinets

Farmhouse cabinets

Modern cabinets

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