Fall Pumpkin Display

Fall is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I know, that phrase is usually about another holiday, but Fall is truly my favorite time of year.  The temperature drops (maybe not in SoCal) and the leaves change color (on the East Coast).  But my favorite part of Fall … the pumpkins, they’re everywhere! I LOVE pumpkins!  The mere sight of them makes me happy.  They are both delicious and beautiful.  Pumpkins come in all different colors and sizes, if you include gourds, which of course, I do!  And let’s not forget about Halloween, the best holiday EVER!  Sure, the kids get to dress up and go trick-or-treating, and their parents get to eat their candy. – What, that doesn’t happen in your house?! – But, you get to decorate with black, white and the beautiful hues of Fall.  Here are some ideas on what you can do with your pumpkins this year.

Fall Pumpkins are great to paint.

Fall Painted Pumpkins

These are baby pumpkins and gourds.  My family has a tradition, where every Fall we each paint a small pumpkin and leave it on the porch bench for however long they last.  Some years they have lasted for several months and actually have dried up on the inside but have stayed hard on the outside, and have become little maracas!  Last year however, a squirrel found them.  He took them all, one by one, and had a feast.  He then found all the hardened ones we had on the side of the house and ate those, too!  Oh well. 

Fall Black Cat Painted Pumpkins

Here’s a great Fall idea from Sunset Magazine.  Turn pumpkins into black jack-o-lantern cats.  Aren’t these cute?  I love the whole little family. 

Fall Sharpied Pumpkins

If painting isn’t your thing, how about drawing with a Sharpie?  These owl pumpkins by Lil Blue Boo are a hoot!  (Yes, pun intended!)

Fall Chinoiserie Pumpkins

Or, how about turning your pumpkins into chinoiserie works of art.  These beauties can be found on Etsy.

Fall pumpkins can be embellished.

Fall Pumpkins House Numbers

If you’re displaying your Fall pumpkins on your porch or entry, why not put your house numbers on them?  These were done by Heather at The Picket Fence.

Fall Drilled Pumpkins

Get your power drill ready for this idea.  Don’t these Fall pumpkin luminaries look great?  This example is from the Crafty Nest

Fall Skull Flower Pumpkin


Lastly, no Fall pumpkin decorating list would be complete without a classic jack-o-lantern.  This year, after carving your scariest pumpkin face, add some mums and make your jack-o-lantern pull double duty.  This example is courtesy of BHG.

 So get out there this weekend and go pumpkin picking.  Bring back lots of natural Fall beauties to decorate your home with!

Happy Fall, everyone!

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