Camarillo Heights Vera Cruz Residence, Camarillo

New paint and furnishings went a long way to fully transform my client’s new home purchase.  Curated furniture pieces, accessories and fine art created a unique home that reflects him perfectly.

All fine art photography throughout home by Jacob Paley. 

Watercolor paintings in primary bedroom by Joe Cibere. 

Looking for a great interior designer?  Just contact Alicia Paley.  As a new homeowner, using her services was the best decision I made.  I needed many things on the interior, including complete painting; fireplace/mantle reconstruction; window shutters; ceiling fans and light fixtures; door, kitchen, and bathroom hardware; furniture and accessories; area rugs; and wall art/pictures.  Alicia formulated an excellent design plan and then professionally implemented it.  Everything inside looks beautiful and modern plus functions perfectly and harmoniously.  She even acquired outstanding front porch and rear patio furniture!  Thanks to Alicia, I’m really able to enjoy my new home.  You’ll be pleased with her results, too.  And she’s able to work with various budgets.   

Alan C.


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