Black damask wallpaper helps create a classic-inspired powder room.

Would you paint a room black?  The thought of painting a room such a dark color would not cross most people’s minds. Some may think it a morbid color, but think of black as a neutral that goes with everything.  It takes courage and commitment to paint a room black but the effect can be stunning and dramatic.  Rooms that can benefit from such a unique effect are ones with high ceilings and lots of natural light, but a small room can also benefit from the drama, if implemented well with the rest of the decor.  Black can create coziness and make a room feel intimate.  Black can add a sense of playfulness if paired with bold colors.  Black, enhanced with white elements can create stunning contrast and a classic style. Black can provide the perfect backdrop for white furnishings.  Take a look at these gorgeous black interiors.  Do you think you’d be courageous enough to try it?

Classical DramaClassic Drama.


If black is to0 bold, this slate color is a nice alternative.
Black & Yellow

The charcoal walls in this room become a backdrop to the playful yellow furnishings.  Bathroom

Classy contrast in this bathroom creates a retro feel.LR

The walls in this room act as a neutral background for the other colors and patterns found in the room.DR

Beautiful eclectic dining room with bold, colorful accents and natural elements.
Single wall in LR

Not every wall has to be painted black.  The  fireplace wall in this room provides a nice focal point that helps the room feel cozy.  

SIngle wall in Bedroom

The grass cloth wallpaper in this bedroom gives the room a sophisticated feel.Intimate sitting room

Here’s another room where bold colors are used against the dark background, adding a feeling of intimacy to the space.Single Panelled wall in DR

The panelling in this dining room helps showcase the grey and black furnishings throughout the room.  

Black & White

A mostly black and white space is enhanced with pops of yellow, creating a fun, modern room.

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