When I think back on the house that I grew up in, one of the things that stands out most in my mind is the flooring.  See, I am a child of the 70’s, and even though my house was built around the 1920‘s, the owners kept up with the home trends of the time.  This meant gold carpeting in the living and bedroom areas, and linoleum flooring in the hallway and kitchen, in each of the three apartments contained in the brown-stone like house.  The grand staircase and hallways that led to each apartment were the original hardwood from when the house was built.  When the house was updated in the 80’s, and all the flooring was removed, we discovered beautiful hardwood flooring underneath all that gold and linoleum.  However, the new owners  chose to replace the linoleum with vinyl sheet flooring and the gold carpeting with plush mauve wall-to-wall carpeting. –  Each decade ushers in new trends in home decor.  Each owner wants to leave their mark on their home.  Today’s flooring trends pull from previous decades.  Shag carpeting has made a comeback in the form of Flokati and shag area rugs.  Wood flooring has never really left, and there are several options from bamboo and other renewable sources, to reclaimed wood, to traditional plank style.  Today’s homeowner has many different choices and styles to choose from, so thankfully, we are not trapped in an era of gold carpeting any longer!  And, just incase you were wondering, the photo shows my best friend and I dancing on that gold carpet.  And, yes, we are doing the Hustle!

Maple strip flooring is still a popular choice for today’s homes.  This is a reclaimed-wood plank.


Wood flooring comes in all types of finishes so you can get the perfect look for your style home.


Using traditional plank flooring but laying it in an unexpected pattern can be a beautiful option.

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Wood flooring even comes in tile form.  These Moroccan floor tiles are a beautiful example of the versatility of wood flooring.


Just incase you’re craving that feeling of shag between your toes, here are some current wall-to-wall and area rug options.  Today’s shag comes in many different colors and fiber lengths.

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