Bathroom Remodel Before & After

My clients called me to give their master and guest bathrooms a little updating in order to put their house up for sale.  Check out the transformation.

Master Bath Before:


Master Bath After:


Guest Bath Before:


Guest Bath After:



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If you remember only one sentence from this review, remember this: Contractors build. Interior designers design – hire your designer first!

My wife and I decided to renovate two bathrooms in our home, in preparation for selling it. We hired the contractor first. Then, realizing that we didn’t know what we were doing, we hired Alicia Paley.


Alicia is experienced, with a great eye for design and a talent for working with nervous clients. We thought we just needed her for design – you know, picking the vanity and mirror – and she picked out great options for both that fit within our budget.

Then, she offered to handle the purchase and delivery of these items. I was skeptical. I figured I could do this myself, but, I was busy so I agreed to let her do it.


Do you know how many widgets go into a bathroom redesign? One vanity, one mirror and about seventy bajillion related to plumbing, all with inscrutable names. Alicia handled all of these – and got them right on the first try. I counted – there were over 300 separate items that needed to be selected, ordered, delivered and installed for carpentry, tile, plumbing, electrical, plaster, painting and building inspection.

It is impossible to overstate how important she was shepherding this entire remodeling. She is a delight to work with, treats you like your her only client, answers panicked emails almost instantly and is a vast, knowledgeable, reassuring presence during the entire process.

Adding Alicia Paley to your design team is a smart decision. She is amazing.

Oh! And our bathrooms turned out great!


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