img68oThe other day while browsing through my local Williams-Sonoma I spotted a beautiful bar cart (pictured at left).  I immediately went up to it to admire its antique brass finish, check out its size and ponder where in my house I could add such a beauty.

If you haven’t noticed, bar carts are back.  They’ve been popping up in TV shows and movies as well as the latest shelter magazines and websites galore.

Why all the sudden interest in home bar carts?  There seems to be a trend toward formal home entertaining and a love of retro-glam.  A bar cart makes for a chic presentation that doesn’t take up a lot of space put provides big wow factor.

In terms of function, a cart with wheels is great because you can easily transport it within a room or into another,.  Due to their relatively small size, they can take the place of a side table or be tucked into a corner or under a window.   Multiple shelves also  provide additional storage or display space.  Some styles even have removable trays, which is quite useful for serving.

There are so many bar cart options currently available that you will be able to find one that fits your personality and style.  The same applies to the barware that is currently available.  If you like the vintage look, consider searching local antique stores for a vintage decanter and mix it in  to your display with new cocktail glasses.

Styling is everything.  Don’t be locked in to just displaying bar items, try adding a lamp, a small vase of fresh and colorful flowers, a few coffee table books, or some decorative objects on the top shelf while leaving the bottom shelf for your alcohol and other bar essentials.

Check out some of these beauties I found online:

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And here is some gorgeous barware:






 And just incase you haven’t had enough inspiration, here is a website with great options for getting a bar cart of your very own.

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