Guest Bedroom Essentials

I have often jokingly stated that the name of our house should be Hotel California. Ever since we moved here from New Jersey 12 years ago, we have had a steady stream of family members and friends come to visit.  Everyone always tells us how much they’ve enjoyed their stay, and honestly, what’s not to love about the lifestyle and weather in sunny SoCal?!  But besides loving the natural amenities, our guests always stress how comfortable they were in their home-away-from-home room.  It may surprise you to know that in my house, we don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom. Our guest bedroom is actually my home office which doesn’t contain a bed, but has a sleeper sofa instead. You don’t have to have a permanent guest bedroom in order to provide your guests with a comfortable space.

Here are my Top 5 Guest Bedroom Essentials to incorporate into any guest bedroom whether it’s a multi-use space like mine, or a full time bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Essential #1

Comfortable Bed – Make sure that you are providing your guests with a place they can get a good night’s sleep.  The last thing you want is a cranky guest! –  I recently updated the mattress on my sleeper sofa with a non-toxic, high density foam mattress made of natural materials and encased in organic cotton.  Not only will my guests be able to sleep very comfortably, they will also not be breathing in any toxic chemicals.   

Guest Bedroom Sleeper Sofa BedPhoto via JoyBird

Guest Bedroom Essential #2

Organic Bedding – Keeping with the same topic of avoiding off-gassing, provide your guests with the luxurious feel of organic cotton or organic bamboo sheets.  Trust me, they feel silky soft!  These sheets are readily available through various retailers.  Duvets and quilts are also available in these fabrics so you can outfit the entire bed in soft luxurious bedding that is toxin free.

Guest Bedroom Organic BeddingPhoto via Boll and Branch

Guest Bedroom Essential #3

Live Plants – Plants help keep a room feeling live and fresh.  Not only do they provide natural beauty, but they also clean the air.  The feeling of coziness they provide helps your guests to really feel more at home.  If you can’t keep a live plant in your guest room, fresh flowers will do nicely as well.  When my mother comes to visit, I make sure to add a vase of freshly-cut lavender from my garden.   They’re her favorite, and not only do they look pretty and add a homey touch, but their fragrance really freshens the room.  Also, did you know that the scent of lavender can aid in restful sleep? 

Guest Bedroom PlantPhoto by Alicia Paley Home Interiors

Guest Bedroom Essential #4

Reading Material – I am a book lover, so there is never a shortage of reading material in my house!  Today, most people travel with their books on an electronic device, but it’s always nice to provide the option of a tangible book.  The built-in bookcase in my guest room has all kinds of books that my guests can read, however, I do also like to provide them with some local magazines so they can read about the events happening near by.

Guest Bedroom BooksPhoto via Domino 

Guest Bedroom Essential #5

Storage – This may be a bit challenging, depending on your house, but there are ways to get creative with this.  My guest room does not have a closet, but there is a hall closet near by, which I make accessible to my guests.  Also, since I have built-in cabinetry in that room, I always make sure to let my guests know that they are welcome to use the two cabinets that are empty, as well as the counter space and shelving.  You can provide your guests with baskets, drawers or even a storage ottoman where they can keep their items, if you don’t have many storage options readily available. 

Guest Bedroom Storage BasketsPhoto via Debrah Hall Lifestyle

Other items to include:

Ample lighting • Room darkening window treatments • Clock • Waste basket • Luggage rack or bench • Tissues • Toiletries • Fresh towels • Snacks • Wifi password

Little things like these make all the difference! 

Let me know what you do to help your guests feel at home, in the comments below.


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