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10 Places to Shop for Eco-Friendly Furnishings

West Elm

West Elm –

Uses reclaimed wood and FSC-Certified wood in their eco-friendly line.


Crate & Barrel

Crate &

First North American home retailer to work directly with the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT), in their eco-friendly line.



Uses natural and recycled materials in all of their furniture.


Environment Furniture


Creates unique furniture from reclaimed, recycled and sustainably forested wood.



Premier retailer for sustainable home furnishings and decor delivering high quality products made from reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, natural and organic materials.


Viva Terra


Dedicated to inspiring your home and garden with beautifully crafted, eco-friendly decor.


Boll & Branch

Boll and

All bedding, towels and blankets made with natural, organic cotton fibers.


Hook & Loom

Hook and

Creates hand crafted rugs in an earth-friendly manner, using no dyes, chemicals, or latex in a variety of colors.


Natural Rug

Natural Area

Rugs created from bamboo, organic wool or cotton, sisal, seagrass, jute and cork.

Prints and posters created using environmentally friendly practices.  (eco-friendly line, only)

If you’re interested in seeing custom options, or options not currently available to the public, contact Alicia Paley Home Interiors to schedule a consultation.