Design Consultation

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Design Consultation


Every project begins with a Design Consultation.  After our initial phone conversation we schedule a time for me to come to your home where you can show me around.  We tour the rooms you would like to change and we discuss those changes in detail.  I’ll make recommendations and give you ideas throughout our tour.  We will discuss things like what you love about the space, what you hate about it, how you would like to use it, what your budget is, and so much more. Basically, we talk about all your hopes and dreams for that space.  I’ll take notes during our discussion which will help me provide you with a very detailed proposal that you will receive a few days after our meeting.

What You Get:

A one hour in-depth consultation.

Valuable tips and information that you can incorporate into your project.

A New Client Folder containing information about the Design Process, how to work with me, and sample documents.

A detailed Scope of Services and Design Fee Proposal.  Please note that this is not a design plan.  All design work will begin after you have accepted the proposal and made the initial payment.


Payment for a Design Consultation is due upon confirming the meeting.  You will be sent a confirmation email with a payable-by-credit-card invoice, for your convenience.  Payment of $250 is due upon receipt.

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